Mouthwatering stuff!

The Menu

Barbecue chicken wings 1000
Tasty barbecue wings, jam, chili

French fries and burger 1500
Crispy French fries, beef, cheese, special sauce

Small chops plate 1500
Samosas, spring rolls, puff puff

Stir fry noodles with chicken 1800

Egg noodles, carrot, bell peppers, chicken

Stir fry rice with chicken 1800

Basmati rice, carrot, bell peppers, chicken 

Panna cotta 2000
Signature panna cotta infused with baileys cream
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Signature Desserts

Chocolate mousse &  Baileys infused panna cotta 
These are my absolutely best desserts to make; the chocolate mousse for its light feeling and that comfort taste! I mean, what can’t chocolate solve. And the Panna cotta and my ability to play with it either it’s flavor or color. 
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These are some of our best sellers, I would be delighted to have you try them at your event.